Let Your Light Shine.

The Office of Religious Life and Community Engagement is happy to guide and nurture the spiritual life of the PC community by providing opportunities for worship, fellowship, study, pastoral care, and service.

体育竞猜投注app哪个好the pc motto is “while we live, we serve” — dum vivimus servimus—and our students take it to heart. service to the community thrives along with everyday college life here. want to let your light shine? as a church-related pc (usa) liberal arts college, pc encourages an active and ecumenical ministry with a strong witness to faith and service.

As a part of our continued commitment to service toward others, the Office of Religious Life and Community Engagement is also responsible for the school’s Student Volunteer Services. Get involved in Habitat for Humanity or Thornwell Home for Children. There are so many ways to help others within the community.

pc’s director of religious life and community engagement, rev. rachel parsons-wells, serves as pastor to the college community and is available to all for pastoral conversations, counseling, spiritual direction, support, and program leadership. our doors on the first floor of springs are always open.

Explore your faith with the PC community.