Resources for Students

we have compiled a list of frequently referred to videos and resources designed to help college students learn or reinforce the academic subject matter.

 – This site contains the jackpot of calculus resources and links to videos, tutorials, and practice problems

 – The HSK Academy offers this free educational platform designed to help you learn Chinese. This site is highly recommended by Dr. Shen!

 – free language learning lessons with audio flashcards and the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo! Lessons available for , , , , and more!

 – a free online video platform with thousands of videos to help students learn difficult STEM material. Refresh or catch up on STEM subjects such as , , , , , , and .

 – Dr. Jason Dinsmore is known as the OChem Whisperer and he’s ready to help you crush organic chemistry. Free OChem lectures, videos, tips, tricks, and practice problems.

 – free, short-form, videos, podcasts, and resources to help students experience the story of the Bible. This is a great resource for studying the New and Old Testament.

Online Learning

How to Succeed in Online Classes » (PDF)


Weekly Assignments To-Do List » (PDF)
Weekly Routine Schedule » (PDF)

Expectations in College

What Your College Professor Expects from You » (PDF)